Secure Finance is dedicated to treating customers fairly. As part of this, we have established a statement of values for clients, business partners and employees. In particular with clients, we strive to:

  • Understand their specific financial needs and finding a suitable product from various residential mortgages available in the marketplace;
  • Make recommendations about appropriate products;
  • Guarantee that no fee will be charged until completion;
  • Guarantee that clients will always deal with the same adviser, who will take personal responsibility for all their mortgage arrangements;
  • Ensure that clients will be kept up-to-date with progress on at least a weekly basis via telephone or email.


Whether you are an established property investor, or first-time buyer, we can provide you with information on current products that will improve your buy to let experience. We are here to guide you to get the right deal and structure according to your needs. We have years of invaluable experience, as well as access to certain exclusive deals. As the result of our extensive knowledge in the ever-changing buy to let market, you will be getting the best help to grow your portfolio in your desired direction.


Whether you are first-time buyer looking to purchase your first home, a home mover, or experienced buyer, we can help you in any circumstances. Being a first-time buyer, finding the right mortgage can be a very stressful process,  Secure Finance can carefully and clearly explain and guide you through a tough process in order to find a suitable mortgage product for you. Being a home mover or experienced buyer, whether you simply want to refinance and secure the property, or require a lower interest rate, we can search for an exceptional offer for you to match your needs.


Most clients take out mortgages that have a tie in for 2 to 5 years. After the end of the contract, the interest rate will revert to the Lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR). Most SVR’s are considerably higher than the Bank of England Base rate. As a result, clients need to remortgage after the contract to get a better deal that suits their lifestyle.


Being experienced in the mortgage industry, Secure Finance will research the market and advise you based on your current circumstances which mortgages are most appropriate. and which offer the best value in comparison to your existing lender offering.


Everyone is welcome as our mortgage experts have experience with first-time buyers through to high-net-worth individuals. Every deal is tailored for customers’ needs through face-to-face meetings to ensure that you get what you deserve. We do not only pick a suitable mortgage for you, we will be by your side until you receive the key and afterwards.